Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A cure for cancer? Say what?

             Cancer has alway been in the forefront of medical news. With that being said, a cure has also come into the minds of people all across the world. I for one thought that it would take many years past my time for there to be a possible cure for cancer. After reading this article it brought the thought into my mind that a possible cure was not so far away. In this article it mentioned that within the year there could clinical trials set up in the United States.  Highly educated scientist in China have recently discovered with a few DNA modification they could develop a cure for cancer. This development has allowed these scientists to use immune cells or T cells, as noted by Lu You, to fight the disease from the inside.
This type of gene editing is known as CRISPR, which is used to cut genes at certain points in order to modify them.  This done by using enzymes to trim out specific parts of a piece of the T cell’s DNA.  From here, the scientist change the cell's internal code then add it back into the patient's bloodstream, which will hopefully help the other immune cells multiply to fight of the cancer.
Sophomore year in biology we spent a large some of the class learning about how genes worked as well as how chromosomes split at different points. Chromosomes splitting in different areas causes children to have different features just like how gene editing cause cells to have different features. After reading this article and being informed of a possible cure it made me think of all of the advancements and education that lead up  to this development. Our world is constantly discovering new things about genetics and  DNA slowly unravelling the mystery that is the human body.  

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